MacOS development is a GO! But which Macs will Firmament run on?

Cyan will develop Firmament for release on Macs!

Any details surrounding dates or times of release on MacOS have not yet been determined, and will be announced when confirmed.
We’ve stated that we believe that Windows computers that could run Obduction should be able to run Firmament.
The Mac situation is not as cut and dried.
Because Mac users can’t just replace the graphics card, or even add more memory to many Macs, we will try to be a bit more specific.

Here is our Mac philosophy: We will build Firmament as efficiently as we can, and we really hope that it’ll run on any Mac that will run the Metal framework (the same as Obduction) but because we will be focusing our QA resources, we will only be recommending more modern, higher-end Macs with performance-oriented graphics support (for example, and depending on the specific configuration: 2015-ish and later iMacs, 2016-ish and later MacBook Pros, the recently introduced Mac Mini) and NOT MacBooks or MacBook Airs.

Since Rand still uses his Late 2013 MacBook Pro every day, we might be able to provide some feedback (as we progress) as to how Firmament is working on a Mac that old, BUT…


If you have an older Mac, and you don’t plan on updating it anytime soon, there is a very real possibility that Firmament will not work well for you. (If you have any questions about the model or year of your particular Mac, please select your “About This Mac” menu option and/or check Apple’s web site.)