What is Firmament?

Firmament is a deeply immersive narrative adventure game that stays true to the concepts that made the adventure genre great.

To make it perfectly clear: You can play Firmament on your PC (normal flat monitor) without VR.
This will not be a sub-par PC experience.

Firmament will be an incredible game experience for PC users (as much any other Cyan game). The difference is that the game will play in VR the way VR should be played. We have experience in this process. We built Obduction for PC first, then created a VR version. While it was a terrific first VR title, we learned a lot. The biggest lesson was, if we build a game in VR from the ground up, we end up creating a better and more optimized PC version.

We’re extremely excited about how Firmament looks and plays no matter how you play it. It is going to be gorgeous and fun on either platform.

One more time – you will not need VR to play Firmament!